Hijab Tutorial - Long Scarf

Hi my beauty dolly readers!!!!!
Yapp yappp ^^ awal bulan ini biarpun UAS udah berahir \yeayyy/ masih banyak banget list kegiatan yaaang numpuk, errrrrr --' but my beauty reader... i miss youuu so bad, jadi tetep pengen ngepost walau seadanya yahhh  [hugs]...   a lot request untuk New Hijab Tutorial &heart; so... aku buat video ini semoga bisa membantu :)
For my next post its all about Review and guess......!!!
a GIVEAWAY for my dolly readers!!  :) if you see on my last post, ahirnya bisa terwujud :)
so...staytune dear, and have a great day :*

Thakiss sudah mampir ke blogku ♥  ♥ Semoga informasinya bermanfaat buat my beauty readers sekaliannn...
let me know if you have any experience with this look ^^ love to be with you in here :')
Let me know if you have any idea for my next Post:*
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~Happy girl is the Prettiest~
Hugs, cheryl


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