Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Get Your Eyebrow Looks StandOut with Easy Steps?

Have a problem with your eyebrows? find it too thick, or dont fit with the shape? or the colour looks like a gel and sticky? i've a Solution for youuu ;)

1. Prepare ur innocent eyebrow :p
2.  Brush your eyebrow with brushes to clear up your eyebrow

3. Apply concealer from the middle to the end of the eyebrow (for highlighting) 

4&5. Blen Blend Blend :D (with concealer brush
 Make sure where your brow eyebrow shape that fit on you
6. From the natural line, straight line from  your nose
7. Sideways from your nose
8. And sideways from in the corner of your eyes <3

Make a sketch of your brow line you've had match with eyebrow pencil

9. Start from the midlle to avoid the eyebrows are too thick at the tip
10. Sketch till the end of your eyebrow

11. And bring from the middle to the inside (it can help you to control the shape)

Add black eyeshadow to perfect my eyebrows, cause they're not too thick :')
12&13. Do the same steps from 9-11


YOU'RE FINISH :D yeeeeeaaaay ! \m/ 

From right to left (eyebrow brush, concealer brush, concealer, eyebrow pencil, black eyeshadow, small brush)

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love, cheryl

Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Makeup Tutorial : Natural Looks :)

finally new tutorial :3 so many video that i can't upload 
cause i loose my movie maker :( hoped you enjoy and it can help you :)
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