Simple Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi my prettyfull ladies!
Another video tutorial \yeay/ kali ini its all about brown eye makeup, simple dan bisa di gunakan untuk day to night look! 

and this is the final look~~ i called it everyday *hayahh*

and this is the tutorial! ♥


Hope you like it and enjoy read my blog :) :*
Thakiss sudah mampir ke blogku ♥  ♥ 
Semoga informasinya bermanfaat buat my beauty readers sekaliannn...

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  let me know if you have any experience with this Product ^^ love to be with you in here :')
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Hugs, cheryl 


  1. cantik sekali, suka sama eye makeup kamu <333

  2. I knew your blog by accident, but I have fallen in love at first sight of your skill, dear...

    it is a very nice makeup. I love it.
    I adore you.

    Keep up with the good and even best work, ya!
    I will be happy seeing them

    1. thankyou NaNa :) love to hear that :')
      big super huge super big Hug {{}}

  3. Sis kamu pakei conceler apa yer kasi d bawah matamu itu tadi ya?

  4. hmmm.. obrak abrik tutorialnya tapi ga nemu eye shadow nya pake merk apa yah ?? elf, MUA, sleek ato apa yah ??


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