Rosdiana's Little World First Giveway :)

Hi my beauty dolly readerssss!!!
uh i've a problem with my eyes :( my eyes feel burn everytime.. and i can make a tutorial for you my dear :( but i hope it will be better tomorrow and will give you the best performance for youuu al ♥ aminn
So this is my first time posting about giveaway, very excited! cause this is from Rosdiana's Little World held her first giveaway to celebrate. This giveaway open Internationally and you can choose to join jewelry giveaway or beauty giveaway dear, so.... dont forget to check her blog ^^
Beauty Giveaway : First Place Winner
You get to pick whether you want the Urban Decay colorful skull palette or the BASIC Naked Palette.
and the Second Place Winner : 

 And the prize is: Jewelry Giveaway

ohhhh such a wonderfull giveaway rigth? :p Hoped you follow this giveaway and, be honest i really really need this beautyfull prizes :p lol, wish me luck! hap hap hap* 
thanks for commin girls, i hope next year i'll make a giveaway for my subie like her hihihi, *finger cross*

and Let me know if you have any idea for my next Post:*
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 Hugs, cheryl


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