Hijab Tutorial 2

My beauty Hijabers, the second tutorial keep using square hijab :)
why? because now so many pashmina or something like that in the market, so what you can doing with your old Square Hijab??? D: lets get started!! :D

Tips: for step 2---> find out your best pose and pin your hijab rigth there, why? because you dont want to hide your face with the parts that are not in pin :) soooo...
hoped you enjoyed with this tutorial :):*

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  1. @Dewi: hi sist^^ ini bahan paris biasa kok :)

  2. kreatiff yaa, warna ungunya cantik <3

  3. itu blakang nya pendek ya sis ?

  4. I love ur blog <3 :*
    Salam kenal ya Mbak :D
    Aku pertama liat tutorial makeup yang romantic look di youtube and i love it (^___^)v
    keep shining :*

  5. I love ur blog :*
    Salam kenal ya Mbak :)
    Pertama liat tutorial make-up yang romantic look :) Love it (^---^)v
    Keep shining :) :)


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