10 Easy Steps to Get a Smokey Eyes

please check this vidoe girls :)

1. Prime ur eyelid with primer potion or foundation
2. Use ur grey eyeshadow all over ur lid
3. A little bit light grey in the inside ur lid
4. With dark blue, make a shadow in the corner of ur eyes
5. To make a dimantion, apply ur black eyeshadow and make a "v" shape in ur crease
6. Apply the same dark blue in the corner and light grey in the inside in ur waterline 
7. Make a thick line with eyeliner and dont forget ur mascara, in ur upper and lower lashes
8. Thicken ur eyebrow with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel
9. Dont forget apply ur favorite fake lashes
10. And.... Confidence :)

 fuallaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ur finish :*

Step by Step my next tutorial <3
Love to read ur response and comment :)

Enjoy <3


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